We provide services and tools to build a gaming community that is supporting the indie game development industry.

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Transparency & Independence

Our business model gives you access to tools and services that re needed to scale your game infrastructure, increase your sales, and build a strong and lasting community. Our community fund is supporting early stage game ideas and is an additional tool for marketing. Just focus on your creativity and let us deal with the rest. We got your back.

Platform as a service

Our SDK provides easy access to our services and interfaces, which provides every solution needed to host, distribute, and publish your game. When you need to scale, we will grow together.

Fair business model

On our dashboard you have a complete overview of all interactions inside your gaming community. You keep 100% of your sales and pay only a monthly fee.

Diversity by funding

We created a community fund to support early stage game ideas and increase the diversity of gaming products. Supporters pay a monthly fee and can vote, which prototype or idea will be funded.

Scale your gaming business

We help your gaming business to thrive. Our infrastructure services are providing you with the tools and features that you need to grow your community.


Upload your games and be part of a worldwide community.


Deliver you game instantly and handle version management effortlessly.


Host and scale your game infrastructure anywhere at any time.

Integration & Launcher

Connect your community, protect your games, and integrate tools and services.

Community Building

Entertain your audience with missions and achievement to create a strong relationship.

Game Overlay

Connect your community on all devices and let them interact with each other.


We are grateful for the support from many amazing people on our journey!


We have reached our first milestone and and are officially funded by the German innovation program EXIST. Lets get to work!


Right now we are busy programming and building up our network with developers, gamers, and investors to bring Striked to life!


The estimated start of the closed-beta testing phase is February 2022. By subscribing to our newsletter you are putting yopur you can add your company to the waiting list!

Founding & Launch

Upon finishing the EXIST funding program we are ready to launch and found Striked. With the the support of you and our investors we are able to conquer Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world!

Money raised so far:

0.00 EUR

The founders

We will change the face of the gaming industry.




Our partners

In Germany we say “Dankeschön!” for the support and the energy everyone is bringing to the table.